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Schauspielervideos, founded in 1999, is the casting portal in the German-speaking region with the longest tradition in presenting showreels. Over two decades, Actor videos has become a renowned presentation platform for actors and one of the most important tools for casting. This is largely due to the visually appealing profiles of the actors, the professional screening and continuous support of the profiles by the Actor videos editorial team, as well as the intuitively operable tools that sensibly support the casting process.

At Schauspielervideos in focus:
Actors, photos and films

At Schauspielervideos in focus:
Actors, photos and films

Das perfekte Profil

als Schauspieler:in im Mittelpunkt
ästhetisch und informativ

  • grossformatige Fotos
  • vollständige Profilinfos
  • Vita mit Videoclips
  • als Homepage
  • Videoplayer
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  • News
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Das perfekte Profil


wie man als Schauspieler gefunden wird

  • Fotos so groß wie möglich
  • Profilinfos parallel
  • keine Ablenkung
  • Videobuttons
  • Über mich Text
  • persönliche News
  • Agenturlogo
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Video- und Audioclips
Stand-Alone oder eingebettet

  • Full HD
  • Adaptives Design
  • bis zu 5 Showreels
  • mit Kapitellisten
  • "immer mit dabei"
  • Downloadplayer
  • Special Keys
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Wir lieben Schauspieler

die lebendig sind

  • optimale Präsentation
  • Schauspieler & Film
  • große Fotos
  • eleganter Videoplayer
  • alles was man braucht
Wir lieben Schauspieler

ohne Werbung

Schauspielervideos ist werbefrei

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  • direkt
  • ehrlich
  • vollständig
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  • unabhängig und direkt
ohne Werbung


entwickelt für Smartphones und grössere

  • Video- und Audioclips hochladen
  • mit Projekten verknüpfen
  • mit Fähigkeiten verknüpfen
  • online schneiden
  • bis zu 100 Clips in der Mediathek
  • Showreels zusammenstellen
  • bis zu 5 öffentliche Showreels
  • viele weitere private Showreels
  • Farben des Players anpassen
  • und noch viel mehr ...


auf das Wesentliche konzentriert

  • ohne Ablenkung
  • auf allen Geräten optimal
  • für alle Formate
  • immer mit dabei


Zum Hören

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Projekt - Profibereich

Tools für den kompletten Besetzungsprozess

  • Projekte und Rollen anlegen
  • im Team online arbeiten
  • Besetzungsvorschläge zusammenstellen
  • Vorschläge kommentieren
  • interne und offene Castings starten
  • OnlineCastings veranstalten
  • im Mediamanager Videos verwalten
  • Projekte als PDF exportieren
  • und vieles mehr ...
Projekt - Profibereich


Castingaufrufe starten

  • offene Castings
  • OnlineCastings
  • Studio Castings
  • interne Castings
  • individuelle Castings
  • mit oder ohne Videouploads


Sichten im Team

  • Castingdispo anlegen
  • Bewerten mit Punktesystem
  • Anmerkungen von Teammitgliedern
  • Kommunikationsmodul
  • in die Rolle übernehmen
  • in die Kartei übernehmen
  • Export als PDF


Profile selber anlegen

  • nicht öffentlich
  • für Community-Castings
  • Laien
  • Darsteller
  • Dokufiction
  • Schüler
  • Nachwuchs
  • Spezialisten
  • Internationale Schauspieler

Die offene Suche

In der Listenansicht

  • für Schauspieler & Profis
  • Filmbesetzung & Casting
  • über 20.000 Schauspieler
  • über 10.000 Showreels
  • über 400 Agenturen
  • seit 1999 aktiv und erfahren
Die offene Suche


in Suchergebnissen

  • Gesichter, die sich einprägen
  • schneller Überblick über die Treffer
  • Konzentration auf das Wesentliche

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Profile perfekt inszeniert

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Your advantages at a glance


Here you will find all the necessary tools and the best support for your casting work. Rely on the careful editorial selection and continuous support of the performing artists on Actor videos. Search among the selected profiles in the general database or create your own artist profiles. Share your casting proposals as PDFs or invite guests to your project. Start casting calls and organize live castings in the studio or online. Find your dream cast alone or as a team, quickly and easily!

  • Projects & Roles
  • Working in a team
  • Open and internal castings
  • Online castings
  • Media manager
  • Own database
  • And much more...


Your clients will appear on one of the leading portals for actors and casting. With your login, you gain access to the profiles of your clients. This way, you can edit the profiles on behalf of your clients and submit applications for your clients when casting calls are made.

  • Bring your clients to the professionals
  • Present your clients in the perfect setting
  • Use the full profile as a reference
  • Embed the video player on the agency's page
  • Benefit from public castings

Register as agency

free of charge


You will be found and seen - and not only with your name and dry data about you and your vita, but vividly, vividly and memorably with examples of your acting work in picture and sound. Because you collect up to 100 film clips, interviews, self-shot scenes, audio examples, etc. in your media library.

  • Put yourself in the foreground
  • With the perfect profile
  • With the perfect showreel
  • Where the professionals are
  • Without annoying advertising

Register as actor/actress

Basic listing free of charge
VideoPro from 119,- Euro

  • Professional actors
  • Professional musical performers, dubbing actors, among others
  • Performers as talented career changers
  • Commercial actors
  • Over 21,000 verified profiles
  • Around 12,000 profiles with video
  • Around 350 acting agencies
  • Around 3,000 professional users

Our cooperation partner

It can hardly be explained otherwise that everything revolves around them with us. At least almost everything. Because casting directors are also important to us. And we've been doing that since 1999. We do everything to help actors get the best roles - and to help casting directors find their best cast.

For graduates of recognized acting schools

For graduates of recognized acting schools

Get discovered where the pros are!

Showcase yourself to the film and television industry with your complete profile as a trained actor on one of the leading casting websites, including photos, resume, and showreels. During the first year after successfully completing a recognized acting school, you will receive the "VideoPro" presence for free and without risk, as there is no automatic paid renewal. Upon request, we can also offer this to students during their training.

Register here as an actor and send a copy of your diploma, a link to the page with graduates or students from your year, or a certificate of study to mail@schauspielervideos.de.

The Self Made Shorties Festival Winners

1. Place (2019)

2. Place (2019)

3. Place (2019)

1. Place (2017)

2. Place (2017)

3. Place (2017)

The SMS Festival takes place every 2 years and is aimed at all professional actors and actresses as well as students of a state-recognized drama school from the 2nd year onwards.

Hundreds of actors from all over Germany, Austria, and Switzerland submit their self-made videos (Shorties) every two years. The festival's goal is to put actors in the spotlight, regardless of industry structures that may not offer equal opportunities to all. The high-caliber panel of judges selects 15 Shorties from the submissions that reflect the broad spectrum of entries. The audience in the large cinema with around 400 seats selects their favorite from the 15 finalists.

The SMS festival was designed by the ZAV artist agency (Federal Employment Agency). Talent agent Daniel Philippen comments, "When it comes to casting for film and television roles, it's all about the artist's personality, creativity, imagination, and skills. So the motto is: 'Make it personal, make it yourself, self-made!'. Nowadays, Shorties are established as a casting tool outside of the festival, and actors are cast through it."

About us

David Althammer

David Althammer

Urs Cordua

Urs Cordua

Sonja Krause

Sonja Krause

Rene Maltar

Rene Maltar

Robert Antonischki

Robert Antonischki

Thorsten Hagen

Thorsten Hagen

Ronny Mennerich

Ronny Mennerich

Andreas Becker

Andreas Becker

In 1999, David Althammer (Pollux Video) and Urs Cordua (Corduafilm) - both with more than ten years of experience in producing demo tapes for actors - found the website www.schauspielervideos.de . They begin to make their clients' demo tapes available online at a time when VHS cassettes are still standard. In 2004, Casting Search is introduced, allowing profiles to be searched by casting data (such as gender and acting age). From 2006, actors without demo tapes are also presented on actor videos, and in 2008 the protected professional area for casters is introduced.

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